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Looking to add 2 Guardians to form a fireteam to play with on a daily basis... please read before responding.

2:33 pm, August 21, 2015 I'm looking to form a regular, dependable fireteam to do daily missions, weekly strikes, strike playlists, raids, patrols, bounties, PoEs, and whatever else the future of Destiny may bring. I don't pl [..] View

Help Me, Help You

2:33 am, July 24, 2015 Started playing Destiny again and looking for people to do some raids, weekly nightfall, and POE - I have a level 32 hunter. Have a couple friends who can help but they are not very dependable in game [..] View

Looking for Raiding Party

2:33 pm, July 21, 2015 Hello everyone, I'm looking for a raiding group on Xbox One since my friends schedules never work out. I play a level 31 Hunter, Gunslinger(mainly). During the week I am usually online 4-7 though I ca [..] View

Vault of Glass (4 Needed)

2:33 am, July 19, 2015 I need four people to help me and my friend with Vault of Glass. I have a level 34 Warlock (Voidwalker), or a level 32 Hunter (Fully upgraded Celestial Nighthawk and Gunslinger). My friend has a three [..] View

Vault of Glass Raid

2:33 am, July 16, 2015 I was ditched by my buddies and need a raid group for vault of glass. Preferably warlocks and hunters of high levels. I am a Level 32 defender Titan. I will start a party to communicatet. I am Lamente [..] View

Need gear badly

2:33 am, July 11, 2015 What's up guys I got me and a buddy I'm a 29 Hunter he's a 34 titan were looking for players to do vault of glass crota and a few other things we both got mics were both mid 20s so we aren't gonna be [..] View

Complete Legend Wheel

2:33 pm, July 8, 2015 Hi All – I'm sure many of you are going to be after the same thing, but I am looking for anyone who wants to help or join me in completing my (and your) wheel.  Here is what I have [..] View

Need active friends for the 360

2:33 am, July 5, 2015 I have a level 32 warlock and hunter. I want to find a group of friends that is online alot and will do raids, strikes, pvp, and other activities the game has to offer. I also want to start atrials ga [..] View

Level 34 looking for friends to make a fireteam to do raids or anything

2:33 am, July 5, 2015 Looking for people to do raids, prison of elders, and nightfall stirkes I'm level 34 warlock also 33 on both titan n hunter just looking for people to team up with send me a friend request if your int [..] View

Looking for people to do Raids

2:33 am, July 1, 2015 hey Im a level 32 warlock and me and 2 of my friends (level 31 Titan and 27 hunter) Are looking for people to do the vault of glass raid, we'll accept anyone who wants to join If you are interested th [..] View

Need active friends to play Destiny with!

2:33 pm, June 29, 2015 I'm new here in the forums and Destiny is quite boring by myself since it is impossible to get better gear by just playing by myself. I am your average player looking to achieve great things in Destin [..] View

Looking for players to play story

2:33 am, June 22, 2015 Looking for players. I have a 34 warlock but what I’m really looking for is someone to play the story with my new Titan(Lvl9) and hunter (Lvl6). I just started the Moon but I’m wi [..] View

Looking for people to play 32 PoE with.

2:33 am, June 14, 2015 I need two people to play level 32 PoE with, cant be lower than lvl 32. I'm a level 32 defender titan but i also have a lvl 32 hunter with both subclasses maxed out. if you are interested message me. [..] View

Hello guardians!

2:33 am, June 7, 2015   Hey Xbox I am looking for some gamers to play destiny with I have a level 33 Titan, level 26 Warlock, and a level 24 Hunter. I have recently hit a point in destiny where leveling up is beco [..] View


2:33 am, June 7, 2015 Im looking for people to do crucible, strikes and extension packs with. Preferably looking for people who live in the UK or the same time zones. I have a level 31 hunter so looking for level 31+. My G [..] View

looking for strong guardians for prision of elders.

2:33 pm, June 2, 2015 i have a 33 titan and two 31s that are a warlock and a hunter. im trying to build a string tean and have fun with this. please add me send me invites whatever ill be down if im on the game. my gtag is [..] View

Friends to continue in Battles

2:33 pm, May 18, 2015 Hi everybody from the XBOX community,  I am in the search of new partners that would like to go on quests in especial mission. I have a level 31 with the warlock; 30 with the titan and 31 wi [..] View

Looking for Destiny friends (Xbox 360 and Xbox One)...

2:33 am, April 27, 2015 to do daily missions, weekly strikes, strike playlists, raids, patrols, bounties, and whatever else House of Wolves may bring. I don't play PvP though, it's just not my thing. A little about [..] View

Raid Buddies On-Demand

2:33 pm, April 20, 2015 Hi everybody! There is obviously a lot of people posting to either gain raiding friends or looking for a raid itself so I thought I'd leave this hear to say that if you ever check my profile and I'm o [..] View

VOG Normal.

2:33 pm, April 1, 2015 i need two people to do normal vog with preferably level 27+ i currently have a level 31 and a level 26 who we are trying to help get through it. I myself am a level 32 hunter/titan please message me [..] View

PvP Domination

1:33 pm, March 24, 2015 I am trying to replicate a video in which there is a fire team of 4 defender titans wearing 'the crest of alpha' or whatever that chest is that drops more orbs, they start up a crucible match and all [..] View

Friends, Strikes and Raids Xbox One

1:33 pm, March 21, 2015 Looking to get some Destiny friends to do raids and strikes with to collect all the best loot and generally prat around.  I have played FPS and MMORPGs for most of my gaming days and consider [..] View

Looking for Raid and Strike Friends! [Preliators and Ms Preliators]

1:33 am, March 13, 2015 Hello everyone. I am very active on destiny along with my Girlfriend as well I have two characters a lvl 29 hunter and 28 titan and she has a 27 hunter. Looking for some help with raids and strikes ad [..] View

Looking for A Clan

1:33 pm, March 8, 2015 If this is the wrong place to post this, I am sorry. I am a casual Destiny player who plays mainly on weekends, and I also have an eight month old, so there is that. I am looking for an easy going cla [..] View

Swordbearer wanting to help

1:33 am, March 4, 2015 I'm a level 32 hunter (hit it today) that wants to practice being the swordbeare. I know what I'm doing, have done it before on my Titan. So if there are somebody out there that wants a swordbearer an [..] View

Me and a friend looking to raid

1:33 pm, March 2, 2015 I'm a 27 Warlock and I have a friend who is a 28 Hunter class and we're both looking to raid. We just need a group to get down with, add FasterBlade2021 and Nifty Alchemist for consistent players look [..] View

Help gearing up

1:33 am, February 27, 2015 Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the whole Destiny bit since Nightfall and Darkness below came out. I'm currently a lvl 26 Hunter trying to gear up. I don't have the expansions but is anyone willing to [..] View

Crota CP on Hard! Looking for five with experience.

1:33 am, February 23, 2015 I have a lvl 32 Hunter, 31 Titan, and 31 Warlock. I'll be on until 9 pm EST tonight. Just send me a message or party invite on XBL. My gamer tag is Il Quinn lI. The first letter is a capital i then a [..] View

Any Raid

1:33 am, February 22, 2015 Looking for people to do any of the two raids I have a level 30 Warlock (both sub classes fully upgraded) and in the process of getting my hunter and titan to that level Im available to do it usually [..] View


1:33 am, February 22, 2015 Looking for anyone above the level of 26 to do ANUTHING on Destiny>  id liketo do the raid but im a level 26 lock and I know what im doing>  I had a level 30 h [..] View

3 man VOG

1:33 am, February 20, 2015  I've tried plenty others and haven't had any luck. I am pretty much done with the game, got all the weapons I want, just got ghorn, black hammer and thorn last week. I got loads of time and [..] View

Team for Crota hard and Vog hard ect.

1:33 pm, February 17, 2015 Need a team for today's reset, I'm a 31 hunter.. Done it all before, managed to solo until ***** singer before recent so I shouldn't be much trouble. I also need a team for the Weekly and Nightfall, i [..] View

New Player ISO friends :)

1:33 am, February 17, 2015 Hey! Just got xbox one, so still pretty new here. Since all my friends have 360's still, I'm looking for new ones to play with and to learn more from in this game. GT is ToveStarr I have a lvl 14 Hunt [..] View

VOG and Crota raid partners required

1:33 am, February 12, 2015 Hey guys, I'm a 31 hunter (30 if I use my preferred armour) and I'm looking for a VOG hard group to join tonight? (I'm in the UK.) Any future raids just add me and invite me and I'll join as a back up [..] View

Level 30 Events

1:33 am, February 10, 2015 Looking for a couple people to help me complete the weekly and daily challenges.  I am a level 28 Hunter.  I can get to the last wave but can not survive by myself.  My game [..] View

Destiny: Just looking to level up and play Co op

1:33 pm, February 2, 2015 Hey everyone, so recently I just picked up the game Destiny and really liked it. I only have gotten up to a lvl 10 hunter ( not impressive ) but can't find many player who want to level up and Co op w [..] View

I have a Crota check point but need you to help me finish him!!!! *xbox 360*

1:33 am, February 2, 2015 Hey, I have managed to get to Crota as a level 31 hunter and my friend who is a level 31 titan. We're looking to **** him tomorrow but we need your help!! We will be doing it in the afternoon tomorrow [..] View

VoG Raid Normal Players needed

1:33 am, February 1, 2015 Doing the vault of glass raid need 4 people, I am a level 30 warlock and my friend is level 30 Hunter. We need 4 players level 28+ this is our first time doing it . We have somewhat of an idea of what [..] View


1:33 am, February 1, 2015 Hi, I've been playing Destiny on the XBONE for about a month and I have a lvl 30 Hunter, but I haven't had a chance to try out the Nightfalls/VOG/CROTA content since I don't have friends that play. I' [..] View

Hey U! yea u there...looking to do some raids...any

1:33 am, February 1, 2015 Hey fellow guardian.... Im looking to do some raids vault of glass or crota...i own every exotic weapon except red ***** and hard light...My main character is a level 32 titan and my other 2 are level [..] View

Any Raid, any difficulty. Just looking for a team to play with :) *xbox 360*

1:33 am, January 31, 2015 Looking for any type of team to play with on destiny, Im a level 31 hunter. Half way to becoming a level 32. I am from the uk and I play most days. My exotics so far are: Gjallahorn, Ice-breaker, Thor [..] View

Need to do a raid, weekly, nightfall

1:33 am, January 31, 2015 As it says I need to get that stuff done. I'd like to do VOG I have a 30 Hunter and a 27 warlock so getting this pain of a weekly down would be great. Send me a message or invite if something comes up [..] View

Crota: Crota Checkpoint Normal

1:33 pm, January 27, 2015 I have three people including myself trying to finish the Crota raid. I am a level 31 Hunter, and my other people are also 31 so it should be easy to knock out with the right people. Hit me up if you [..] View

Here to help :)

1:33 am, January 27, 2015 Hello guys and girls. If anyone needs help with crota raid on hard or easy.  The vog on hard or easy. A strike or a nightfall even a bounty  i am here to meet new ppl that like to pl [..] View

Looking to play with someone

1:33 am, January 27, 2015 Hey. I'm Lala and I'm looking to level up with someone. Just made a new character and she's still a lvl 1 Hunter. Don't really do raids and stuff but I'd be willing to change that. Message me, name's [..] View

so frustrating!

1:33 am, January 15, 2015 Seriously? this loot system is ****! ive been grinding away at all the new vanguard missions to try and get a new ship and nothing. but i do keep getting armour for titans. not a big help seeing as im [..] View

Problems with achievements.

1:33 am, January 14, 2015 I've been having problems with multiple achievements unlocking such as the 777 achievement and the achievements for killing 25 Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks in multiplayer. I've completed all [..] View

Raid crew

1:33 pm, January 13, 2015 Looking for some people to do raids with on a weekly basis. I have experience with hard Vog and crota.  I have a lvl 31 hunter , 30 warlock and a 30 titan.  Pm on the box; gamertag [..] View

VoG gorgon save

1:33 am, January 13, 2015 Sorry. To those who ask to join yesterday as my VoG would not work but if anyone wants to join message me ur level and character on Xbox one as it is now up and running  I am a level 31 hunte [..] View

VoG Normal

1:33 pm, January 10, 2015 Level 26 experienced hunter (played it more then once) with the Vex Mythoclast is looking for a 5 more gurdians level 26 and up to help me out a little. I'm at the Conflux Checpoint, so we don't have [..] View

Titan, Hunter and Warlock at 31. Up for Raids

1:33 am, January 10, 2015 What's up everyone?! As the subject line reads, I have 3 level 31 characters, but I don't do much raiding. I am looking to change that. I have run the VoG a couple of times and have yet to run Crota. [..] View

people to play with!

1:33 pm, January 8, 2015 Hi I'm looking for literally anyone with a mic to play Destiny with me, I'm a level 24 Hunter and wouldn't mind having someone to complete a couple strikes with! my GT: HypnoticZephyr please feel free [..] View

Friends for Destiny

1:33 am, January 5, 2015 Heu I'm looking for some people to play destiny with. I'm a lvl 22 hunter and I'm looking to get better at the game and find some new people to play with. If you wanna do something then message me. Ha [..] View

New friends for fun gaming

1:33 pm, January 1, 2015 Looking for friends that don't take it too seriously, I'm hunter level 26 I think and warlock maybe 10. Old *** man at 32 too used to gettin my *** kicked of 12 year olds lol find and add me GixxerGa [..] View

Looking for friends for raids, strikes, etc. Just ppl to play with.

1:33 am, January 1, 2015 Level 28 hunter looking for people to play with. Raids, strikes, crucible, whatever. Just looking for more friends that play this game. Maybe even people to level up another character with. Just add m [..] View

Update Xur

1:33 am, December 27, 2014 Okay I've been playing destiny ever since it came out so I know how useful xur is if you want all exotics. Having someone come every week to sell exotics is cool but there's a problem. Xur is a d-bag. [..] View

New to destiny

1:33 am, December 27, 2014 So I just got destiny and I'd like some people to play with and go through the story and just have a good time leveling. I'm only lol 4 hunter but it would be cool to level with someone. Hit me up if [..] View

Need ppl to get to thorn strike...

1:33 am, December 23, 2014 Hey lv 28 Hunter here. I'm trying to get a fireteam set uo so I can get to the strike. I'm one mission away from it (I think) and I'm doing it on hard to get the ascendant stuff.  Msg me to h [..] View

Vault Of Glass Fireteam Needed ASAP

1:33 am, December 20, 2014 Hello Xbox! My name, as I'm sure you guys and gals already know, is Cryovex2000 and im here posting looking for new friends as well as, and most importantly, VOG fireteam members. now, I know what you [..] View

Looking for a regular nightfall and weekly group to play with

1:33 am, December 18, 2014 I have a 31 Hunter & 30 Warlock and I'm tired of constantly soloing these activities.  Anyone who wants to run these on a regular basis and get into some of higher content send me a f [..] View

Looking For Destiny Players

1:33 am, December 16, 2014 Hey everyone, I'm looking for some people to party up with on Destiny on a regular basis. There are only a few things I'm looking for. - Please be relaxed and someone who has fun gaming and doesn't ra [..] View

Vault of Glass normal/hard or Crotas End

1:33 am, December 15, 2014 Group of three looking to go through crotas end or the vault. Two level 28 titans (Never been through a raid) and level 30 hunter (been through the vault many times) Comment on here or send me a messa [..] View

Looking for a Vault of Glass raid team

1:33 pm, December 14, 2014 Hey everyone! I'm looking for 4 more people looking to help me and a friends (both lvl 28, me as a hunter and him as a warlock) to do vault of glass on normal. Just message me at Blorbon and we'll be [..] View

Vault Of Glass on normal, Need a team!

1:33 pm, December 14, 2014 level 26 hunter looking for a firesquad for all VOG related stuff. Expericence with first portion of the raid. Never finished it. Looking to level up for the expansion.  Gamertag SlyTheSavage [..] View

Need 3 more for VOG

1:33 pm, December 14, 2014 Hello, a small group of friends and I are wanting to do vault of glass and need 3 more people. We have a 31 warlock, 31, titan, and 29 hunter. We have full raid experience and just want to run it for [..] View

Need players for Fire team and just to play with

4:28 am, December 14, 2014 I am a kid lvl 20 hunter looking for players to do raids,story,pvp and weekly missions to do together I'm fine with any level and any class I also just need more friends on Xbox one GT:Noakoah PS: I [..] View

Looking for team to play VOG on XBONE Titan level 27

1:33 am, November 29, 2014 I'm looking for a team to play both raids and weekly nightfall. I'm a level 27 titan, plays almost every day. Almost all legendary and exotic armor and weapons. Currently leveling both a warlock and a [..] View

X360 to X1 content transfer

1:33 am, November 27, 2014 So I stupidly bought destiny (disk version) for 360 under the impression that my DISK could be transferred over to xbox one for free. I got the copy of destiny and the season pass for xbox 360, and r [..] View

Destiny Vault of Glass Xbox One

1:33 pm, November 21, 2014 I'm a level 27 Hunter looking for moderate to experienced players of the raid to teach/help me through the raid process and to help get raid gear thanks for your help if you can message me on Xbox one [..] View

Vault of Glass on Hard - Looking for 4 LVL 30s

1:33 am, November 16, 2014 I'm a level 29 Titan and I have a level 30Hunter friend. We're looking for 4 more level 30s or 29s with great Raid experience to help use complete the Raid on Hard. Message me at KINGxOKAMI on LIVE if [..] View

Need Help

1:33 pm, November 12, 2014 Some Guys, I'm a lvl25 Hunter. Need help with a exotic bounty. Its a lvl26 Summoning Pit Strike, cant do it alone. Any help would be appreciated. I'm on everyday around 9 or 10pm est. add me and hit m [..] View

I need friends on game :) You could say that it's my destiny... :3

1:33 am, November 12, 2014 I need some people so play the game with, as of now i have a lvl 14 hunter, I love this game, but it gets lonely just playin' by yourself. If you're down to play, strike, farm or whatever, just messag [..] View

XBOX360 Need people to play with....

1:33 am, November 12, 2014 Hi there,  My GT is xUlquiorra on the xbox 360 I'm looking for some active players to befriend me so I don't have to play solo all the time.I have a lvl 22 Hunter (bladedancer) and have recen [..] View

Buscando Raid - México

1:33 am, November 10, 2014 Hunter lv 29 - xUVx Zak Warlock lv 28 - AlanMB mexicanos buscando Fireteam para hacer el Raid en Normal para Xbox One, noches entre semana o fin de semana a cualquier hora. Agreguen por Xbox Live porq [..] View

An idea for finding fireteams in the game

1:33 pm, November 9, 2014 If anyone knows of anything like this already, let me know. It would be nice if it was a little easier to assemble a fireteam in the game as opposed to checking online forums.  My idea is bas [..] View

Looking for VOG on Normal group,

1:33 am, November 9, 2014 Ive beat it 20+ times on Normal & 5+ times on Hard legit Im looking for a group i can join to do it with my level 28 hunter I also know where all 5 chests are located Im on Xbox One, Gamer Tag [..] View

Level 27+ Players wanted for daily, weekly, nightfall and VOG. Got all three classes leveled up.

1:33 am, November 8, 2014 Warlock 28, Titan 27 and Hunter 27. Add me for regular daily, weekly, nightfall and vog raids. Good team player and on frequently. Players 27+ add me, any class as I can use any of mine. I've got Suro [..] View

VOG Normal (Xbox One)

1:33 am, November 8, 2014 Am about to start Vault of Glass on Normal, but need 5 people. Level 26/27+ prefurably, has a mic and has some experience. I am a level 29 Hunter. Message me if you want to join. My GT is: vG x Smoove [..] View

Destiny friends needed.

1:33 pm, November 5, 2014 I need people to play Destiny with because all my loser friends don't own a next gen console. I would like people to do strikes/VoG/Nightfalls with and be able to invite to do stuff with.Level 25 Hunt [..] View

Need serious raiders

1:33 am, November 4, 2014 Everytime I get into a group to do raid everyone messes around until ppl leave I want to get it done no lolly gagging add me if u want to do raids,nightfalls,weeklys level 29 warlock and 27 hunter hi [..] View


1:33 am, November 2, 2014 I'm pretty much just looking for some friends for destiny who are reliable and use good teamwork. I have a lvl 20 sunsinger and level 9 defender eventually gonna make a hunter. Im looking to do strike [..] View

co op people

1:33 am, November 1, 2014 looking for people to play through the game with not really looking for serious players just looking for people to make progress in the game with and have fun.  currently I am a lvl 11 hunter [..] View

Need a team for Weekly Strikes

1:33 pm, October 30, 2014 Looking for a  fire team to give me a hand with the weekly strikes.... Weekly Heroic on 26 or Nightfall on 28. LvL 28 Hunter on Xbox1 Message me: THE GUN SL1NG3R ** I have not been through a [..] View

Need 1 for Nightfall: Xbox 360

1:33 am, October 28, 2014 Need 1 person for Nightfall, possibly 2 depending one how quick the response is. Level 28 Hunter. No mic. Keep in mind I'm looking for those who strategize, meaning sitting in the back room for the ma [..] View

vog raid i am looking for 5 from the gatekeeper cp before the weekly reset

1:33 am, October 28, 2014 As the title says i have the gatekeeper checkpoint (the one before atheon) i am a 29 hunter and already done the raid a few times i would happily do it from the start again if the group was c [..] View

VoG 2nd last checkpoint!

1:33 pm, October 27, 2014 I am at the 2nd to last checkpoint and need 5 other players to help finish it. I am lvl 27 hunter and am accepting any level. Need people with a knowledge of the raid and have a mic. Add me InductedDu [..] View

Vault of Glass - Normal - XB One

1:33 pm, October 26, 2014 Trying to find a team to do the vault on normal, 26 or higher. Im a 26 Hunter but have beaten the raid many times on my other characters. I have a 26 Void Warlock who is a noob to the raid and i want [..] View

Desperately Seeking

1:33 pm, October 26, 2014 Genuine level 28 hunter (along with 28 warlock and 28 bog standard class) looking to meet like minded guardians for a vault run. Must be able to communicate and have fun whilst doing so and enjoy long [..] View

Looking for at least 2 people for weekly strikes, crucible, and vog within the next week.

1:33 am, October 26, 2014 Level 27 titan and working on lvl 20 hunter class, looking for others to team up with on weekly strikes, crucible team, and getting ready for vault of glass.  I play online during the week fr [..] View

Destiny vault of glass help

5:41 pm, October 25, 2014 Hello i need a team for the vault of glass you don't need a mic don't worry my GT Arzo Fraaqs x im a level 25 hunter nearly 26 need help Thnx . P.S im on Xbox One View

Looking for Casual Destiny Players

2:33 am, October 25, 2014 Hey Everybody,      I am a casual player looking to get into some groups for raiding and/or doing the weekly nightfall missions or just playing every-so-often.& [..] View

Looking For a Raid Team, for tonight October 24th ASAP, Anyone who is ready

2:33 am, October 25, 2014 I'm a level 28 Warlock with maxed out subclasses and I have a friend who is a Level 29 Hunter with maxed out subclasses. We are ready, want to play tonight October 24 ASAP or another day. We both have [..] View

looking for vog raiding party (normal)

2:33 pm, October 24, 2014 lvl 27 hunter looking for raiding party and general destiny gaming.  friendly, use mic, etc.  hardcore/casual are welcome, just dont be that guy who brags about how awesome he and hi [..] View

Looking for weekly strike and heroic friends.

2:33 pm, October 24, 2014 I'm looking for friends to do weekly strikes and daily heroics. I have a Lv 20 hunter on Xbox 360 my gamer tag is RathianMaster. I'm on at varying times depending on my work schedule and I do have a w [..] View

Lvl 24 Hunter

2:33 pm, October 24, 2014 Weekend gamer only due to work, looking to add some friends to do weekly/dailies with if possible, please add me if you have space on your fire team at any time. Casual, light hearted gamer only!& [..] View

Is it worth it to start a new character?

2:33 am, October 24, 2014 I'm almost at max with my titan and was starting to think its time to start either a hunter or warlock class and level one more character.  What is the best overall class of character in your [..] View

Clan of 3 looking for 3 to do the VoG raid

2:33 am, October 23, 2014 We are a clan of various members but most won't be on today. One hunter level 29 and two warlocks one 29 and the other 28. We've beaten the raid before and we are looking for level 26 and up. You don' [..] View

Cryptarch or troll?

2:33 pm, October 21, 2014 Does anyone else feel like Master Rahool has a grudge against them? I've turned in easily over a dozen legendary armor engrams to him, but not one has been for the warlock. I've even gotten literally [..] View



VoG Players

2:33 am, October 20, 2014 I am a level 27 Hunter and am in need of others to complete vault of glass. I have one other level 28 Titan available as well as another level 27 Hunter. Send direct message to C4PTA1NxAMER1CA if inte [..] View


Titan, Hunter and Warlock at 31. Up for Raids

Jan 10, 2015, 2:33 am <p>What's up everyone?! As the subject line reads, I have 3 level 31 characters, but I don't do much raiding. I am looking to change that. I have run the VoG a couple of times and have yet to run Crot[..] View

Lvl 27 hunter looking for lvl27+ to help with raid

Dec 3, 2014, 10:02 am <p>Looking for lvl27+ players for raid. I'm a lvl 27 hunter with a maxed out exotic auto rifle and full legendary / exotic gear almost maxed out too. Add my gamertag david6094 and send me a message so[..] View

level 29.7 hunter lookig for a group for the VoG on hard

Nov 29, 2014, 11:23 am <p>as the title states , level 29.7 hunter looking for a group to run the Hard VoG with , completed on normal multiple times , never done it on hard before but understand about dying etc in hard mode [..] View

Other classes besides Hunter?

Nov 28, 2014, 11:44 pm <p>I've been playing the competitive multiplayer and the vast majority of the players are Hunters. It's a little crazy when you can't complete bounties because the other team is 5/6 Hunters. Besides t[..] View

Lvl 24 Hunter

Nov 28, 2014, 10:37 pm <p>Weekend gamer only due to work, looking to add some friends to do weekly/dailies with if possible, please add me if you have space on your fire team at any time. Casual, light hearted gamer only!&n[..] View

Lvl 29 hunter looking for raid group

Nov 28, 2014, 9:36 pm <p>Looking to get this done , lvl 29 hunter upgraded guns , give me an invite / request if your looking for another player , can also bring a level 28 warlock as well if 2 players are needed .first ti[..] View

I'm really excited to try out the Bladedancer subclass for my Hunter. So I made a Bladedancer wallpaper!

Nov 28, 2014, 3:07 pm <p><img src="" alt="" width="975" height="548" /></p> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><a href="http://www.reddit.[..] View

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