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2:33 am, June 7, 2015

Hello guardians!



Hey Xbox I am looking for some gamers to play destiny with I have a level 33 Titan, level 26 Warlock, and a level 24 Hunter. I have recently hit a point in destiny where leveling up is becoming difficult without having a solid fireteam so I am looking at you Xbox gamers to help a fellow guardian comes the weird part, kind of give you a heads up on what type on gamer I am that way we don't bump heads I will try and not let this seem like an online dating profile but I love long walks in the park and I also love rainy days.......JUST KIDDING no but for real I am pretty chill we should all get along so hit me up my Xbox one GT is Supernintaco  



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Hello guardians!

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2:33 pm, August 21, 2015 I'm looking to form a regular, dependable fireteam to do daily missions, weekly strikes, strike playlists, raids, patrols, bounties, PoEs, and whatever else the future of Destiny may bring. I don't pl [..] View

Taken King Vault & Exotic Updates

2:33 am, August 20, 2015 Kind of suprised nobody allready has this posted! New Info from the livestream. Lots of increased valut space, 72 slots for weapons, another 72 for armor and 36 for everything else. Emblems, Shaders & [..] View

Venation lll

2:33 am, August 20, 2015 Does anyone hace this gun? Mine has the same impact as stabilty last round and quick reload. It has a never ever let me down even with 8 rounds. I have every handcannon in the game. So is the venation [..] View

The Taken King with " Real Level 40 "

2:33 am, August 17, 2015 .......... Hello everyone  :) .......... What level do you think we will start with in The Taken King with the " real level " being 40 and the Light Level being given a seperate sta [..] View


2:33 am, August 14, 2015 What's up guys. Looking for people that I can play with that are very active at any games such as battlefield hardline, Destiny, AW, gta, minecraft etc... if you are add me or message me on Xbox one. [..] View


2:33 pm, August 11, 2015 240 People have been helped by me in less than 2 months. Have to follow the twitch channel to help me out as well though. Message your gamer tag in the chat after yo [..] View

Selective muting?

2:33 pm, August 11, 2015 Multiplayer gamer noob here. Destiny is the first game I've played with people remotely, and it's been pretty frustrating since the beginning. I've been playing daily with my guardian boyfriend for th [..] View

My Destiny Montage

2:33 am, August 11, 2015 Here it is!  Feedback is much appreciated. View

Boxed copy of Destiny and digital version of Taken King? Is this doable?

2:33 am, August 11, 2015 So the title pretty much says it all. Can I use the digital download of The Taken King (the 40 buck version) with my boxed copy of Destiny (the base game)? If anyone knows for sure, [..] View

Solar and Void element Shadow Of Viels? Solar and Arc element The Last Rebellion?

2:33 pm, August 8, 2015 .......... Hello everyone  :) .......... Has anyone ever purchased a Solar and Void element Shadow Of Viels from Variks? Has anyone ever purchased Solar and Arc element The Last Rebe [..] View

Lvl 35 Skolas's Revenge (Require assistance)

2:33 pm, August 8, 2015 Me and a friend need one more person to do Skolas with us. We would be gratful if you help us out. If you want to help, and me, Ventuslicious, as a friend so i can invite you to the party. My mic is b [..] View

Totally unfair Prison Of Elders bosses!

2:33 pm, August 8, 2015 .......... Hello everyone  :) .......... I am beginning to hate the level 34 Prison Of Elders now because some of the bosses are so cheap!  I will not be getting an Etheric Light thi [..] View

Destiny: Why Is it Loved v4.5

2:33 am, August 6, 2015 Surprise, surprise!  Congratulations on reaching page 105 on your Destiny thread! I would like to know, how's your character developments going and the raids and whatnot? What makes y'all go [..] View

Destiny The Taken King

2:33 am, August 4, 2015 Who's buying Destiny The Taken King?I'm in, it looks like Destiny is slowly getting better now since Bungie is listening to its fanbase. This will be an official complete game (unless Bungie add some [..] View

Looking for friends :)

2:33 am, August 1, 2015 I'm fairly new to Destiny. I have two characters in mid 20's and I am looking for friends to have fun with and to take on the many challenges in Destiny. I'm a chill guy and I know we could get some a [..] View

Numerous error codes: Destiny Xbox One

2:33 am, August 1, 2015 For two weeks now goin on three I have received the error codes: anteater, beetle, baboon, quail, and weasel. My internet is good, my NAT is open, all the xbox one tests come back good, I can play oth [..] View

Got expansion pass for destiny for 360 dark below & house of wolves, doesnt work why?

2:33 pm, July 30, 2015 I got a code from game stop for $38 from game stop for destiny dark below and house of wolves. Doesnt work, why? Says have to purchase the pass to work, put the code in like 4 times, still doesnt work [..] View

New Guardians Wanted

2:33 am, July 28, 2015 Hello Everyone, Back from a long hiatus and just realized I haven't finished, lvled or collected awesome gear on Destiny (yea I know I'm late). I am on the third Earth mission and would like to find s [..] View

Weekly Nightfall team [Xbox One]

2:33 pm, July 26, 2015 Looking for a team to do the weekly Nightfall strike with I am playing on Xbox One and I am looking for two members you need to be level 31-34 If you would like to do the st [..] View

Will help with trials! Everyone please check out our channel on twitch!

2:33 pm, July 24, 2015 Everyone please check out our channel on twitch! We help our community. View

DESTINY: busco amigos para camara de cristal y precidio de los ancianos y los demas raids.

2:33 am, July 24, 2015 soy mexicano de 20 años, busco gente para hacer amigos y completar los raids de destiny, mayor mente siempre juego solo por falta de amigos, soy nivel 32  si se animan, agregen y m [..] View


2:33 am, July 24, 2015 helping anyone out with raids poe nightfall anything.. I really have no reason to play the game but to help others and do 35 poe do have a maxed out ghorn and have finished level 35 poe. message if yo [..] View

Help Me, Help You

2:33 am, July 24, 2015 Started playing Destiny again and looking for people to do some raids, weekly nightfall, and POE - I have a level 32 hunter. Have a couple friends who can help but they are not very dependable in game [..] View

Destiny New Clan Recruiting NOW!

2:33 am, July 24, 2015 Hi to everyone my Gamertag is: JOSXBOXiQ140 I just created a New Clan in Destiny in order to recruit new members to join it. The Clan Name is: We Do NOT Fear Oryx   In this Clan we welcome [..] View


2:33 am, July 24, 2015 Bungie NEEDS to add optional matchmaking across the board for all missions.... No excuses anymore   It still takes 5-30 minutes to find a group of players for runs. Plus the [..] View

POE 34 or 35

2:33 am, July 22, 2015 Looking for help for prison of elders 34 or 35. Im a level 33 warlock. I need a few etheric lights. Send me a message my gamertag is H1tman Ir0nhide. I in hitman is a number one and the o in ironhide [..] View

Looking for Raiding Party

2:33 pm, July 21, 2015 Hello everyone, I'm looking for a raiding group on Xbox One since my friends schedules never work out. I play a level 31 Hunter, Gunslinger(mainly). During the week I am usually online 4-7 though I ca [..] View

Vault of Glass (4 Needed)

2:33 am, July 19, 2015 I need four people to help me and my friend with Vault of Glass. I have a level 34 Warlock (Voidwalker), or a level 32 Hunter (Fully upgraded Celestial Nighthawk and Gunslinger). My friend has a three [..] View

Vault of Glass Raid

2:33 am, July 16, 2015 I was ditched by my buddies and need a raid group for vault of glass. Preferably warlocks and hunters of high levels. I am a Level 32 defender Titan. I will start a party to communicatet. I am Lamente [..] View

Do not except game invites from>


Yup hopped on the late train bandwagon!! *New here*

2:33 pm, July 14, 2015 Just bought the game a few days ago, figured $20 is cheap for me. I have a level 7 Warlock......that's all. I was thinking about equal leveling characters or just focus on one now and start another [..] View

How to get etheric light fast at level 32?

2:33 pm, July 14, 2015 I'm trying to get level 34 by next month but I haven't found a single etheric light. I can't find anyone to do trials with because they all want level 34s and the weekly nightfall strike gave me a wea [..] View

Destiny: Deluxe Edition

2:33 am, July 11, 2015 I was wondering, since Xbox Live Rewards has an offer for 15,000 rewards points for pre-ordering any game that ships before 12/31, would Destiny The Deluxe Edition be eligible? I didn't see it availab [..] View

Need gear badly

2:33 am, July 11, 2015 What's up guys I got me and a buddy I'm a 29 Hunter he's a 34 titan were looking for players to do vault of glass crota and a few other things we both got mics were both mid 20s so we aren't gonna be [..] View

TKK Legendary Edition going to be sold on Xbox One?

2:33 am, July 10, 2015 I'm one of those scrubs who hasn't gotten DB or HoW yet, so I'm planning to get the legendary edition of TKK. But, I can't find it on the Xbox One store. Is it ever going to be there, or do I have to [..] View

Complete Legend Wheel

2:33 pm, July 8, 2015 Hi All – I'm sure many of you are going to be after the same thing, but I am looking for anyone who wants to help or join me in completing my (and your) wheel.  Here is what I have [..] View


2:33 pm, July 7, 2015 hello creators of destiny, i love your game especially the multiplayer mode, trials of osiris. the only problem is that i was playing with two colleagues of mine, and during a game my internet suddenl [..] View



Need active friends for the 360

2:33 am, July 5, 2015 I have a level 32 warlock and hunter. I want to find a group of friends that is online alot and will do raids, strikes, pvp, and other activities the game has to offer. I also want to start atrials ga [..] View

Level 34 looking for friends to make a fireteam to do raids or anything

2:33 am, July 5, 2015 Looking for people to do raids, prison of elders, and nightfall stirkes I'm level 34 warlock also 33 on both titan n hunter just looking for people to team up with send me a friend request if your int [..] View

Friends on Destiny

2:33 am, July 5, 2015 Hey, I'm making this post because I have been having trouble making friends on Xbox One for Destiny. If you want to have fun and level up your character doing raids, strikes, crucibles and more just a [..] View

New Aussie destiny clan.

2:33 am, July 3, 2015 Submit 2 Authority is a new destiny clan dedicated for all those Aussie destiny players without a clan. We help with nightfall, all raids and PoE every week, and while we are mainly PvE, we will help [..] View

Sold Destiny to Gamestop....

2:33 am, July 3, 2015 I sold my Xbox 360 Destiny to Gamestop. Right now they are running a special with %50 extra trade in credit for games. So with my Pro Member Bonus and everything I got it came to $25 in trade credit w [..] View


2:33 pm, July 2, 2015 RGS PRIDE 7 is looking for active players!!! Fun Friendly environment good people good vibes all game head welcome. wanna play with 4 clans over 150 people and always growing community? let me know wh [..] View

Destiny Missions 3 man fireteam

2:33 am, July 2, 2015 Are the missions and/or bosses harder to **** with three player fireteams as opposed to solo?  I beat all the missions on hard level solo and played on a three man fireteam last night and it [..] View

Whats going on.....?

2:33 am, July 1, 2015 Anyone know what REALLY is going on with the Destiny Re-release? Are they going to offer people who already have the game a better deal or are we still getting *** over? I read on Bungie that they hav [..] View

Looking for people to do Raids

2:33 am, July 1, 2015 hey Im a level 32 warlock and me and 2 of my friends (level 31 Titan and 27 hunter) Are looking for people to do the vault of glass raid, we'll accept anyone who wants to join If you are interested th [..] View

Looking for dark below players to fire team w/lvl27

2:33 am, July 1, 2015 hi I am looking for people to help me with the dark below expansion I'm currently in the 3rd mission THE WAKENING if you fancy teaming up my gamer tag is UptownSpring453 and I'd be happy to help you w [..] View

Need active friends to play Destiny with!

2:33 pm, June 29, 2015 I'm new here in the forums and Destiny is quite boring by myself since it is impossible to get better gear by just playing by myself. I am your average player looking to achieve great things in Destin [..] View

Achievements Not Popping

2:33 am, June 29, 2015 Hi all,  I am aware of the sign out trick where you scroll over to log out, switch profile, and try to sign in again. However, this does not work for me. Both "Packing Heat" and Ful [..] View

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